can google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi explain why STOCK BROKER RAW employee domain fraudster asmita patel, shows no domain expenses in her incometax returns filed in 2019

To avoid google, tata have already defamed her to avoid paying the goan PROSTITUTE RAW employee goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar for their SEX services and top officials like caro, mandrekar, nayak, pritesh chodankar, naik, hathwar, kodancha BRIBES from their company profit , the fraud companies google, tata are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the domain investor as a journalist and then falsely claiming that the raw/cbi employees like riddhi nayak caro, siddhi, sunaina chodan, asmita patel, indore housewife veena, nayanshree hathwar who do not spend any money on domains, are domain investors owning the domains of a private citizen

Income tax returns filed in 2019 will again legally prove that the raw/cbi employees especially thane stock broker gujju domain fraudster asmita patel, with straightened hair who do not spend any money on domain names, have no paypal income and no domain expenses at all, yet raw/cbi/ntro/google,tata continue to make fake claims in a clear indication of widespread corporate fraud in the indian internet sector

If ntro/raw/cbi/tata/google had any kind of honesty , they should have stopped their fraud immediately in 2015 itself when the income tax department made it mandatory to declare the bank accounts of a person in their income tax returns. When the domain investor does not falsely claim to own the bank account of other citizens, why are raw/cbi employees falsely claiming to own the bank account of the domain investor, a private citizen to get a monthly salary at her expense.

NTRO/raw/cbi/security agencies, google, tata are quick to make fake allegations against the domain investor, can they explain why R&AW employee asmita patel and other raw/cbi employees are not showing any paypal income, domain expenses in their income tax returns, why is the google, tata, indian government PROPAGANDA machinery duping people, companies and countries with their FAKE CLAIMS of domain ownership, and criminally defaming the real domain investor as a journalist

The domain investor is forced to waste her time writing to expose the CRIMINAL DEFAMATION of google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies, who made it extremely difficult to sell the domains at a fair price for the last 10 years.