A Tale of Two Investors

My cousin and I got into market investing around the same time. He did it because of a school project, and I did it out of curiosity. I wanted to see what all of the buzz around the market was about, and I had some extra money to put into it. There are lots of shares on the market to get, making my choice for which one would be my first investment harder than I expected. Out of the UK shares to buy, the ones that were related to copper looked like the best option.

My cousin went a different route with his investment choices. He was trying to chase after the tech companies that looked like they were on the rise. Continue reading A Tale of Two Investors

Stock market prices crash after VG Siddhartha’s death

Many indian companies are closely controlled with promoters who have a substantial stake. The promoters are also taking most of the decisions. So any problem of the promoter will adversely affect the company.
For example when the Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) VG Siddhartha died in mysterious circumstances, the prices of the shares of the companies he controlled like Cafe Coffee Day and Sical Logistics also crashed
Yet, most large companies have excellent systems in place, so they do not depend on the promoter