Why are LIAR FRAUD PIMP google, tata employees not questioning stock broker R&AW employee liar asmita patel for her domain FINANCIAL fraud

For 9 years the LIAR FRAUD PIMP google, tata employees have mercilessly hounded the domain investor legally owning this website in multiple states, all her activities are closely monitored, she cannot even purchase biscuits of Rs 5 without being monitored
Yet these same companies are ignoring a financial fraud of more than Rs 40-50 lakh, when they refuse to question the stock broker R&AW employee liar asmita patel, why she is falsely claiming to own domains, including this one, when she is not paying any expenses, and does not CONTROL the domains

Why is the indian internet sector, companies and government, not asking the thane fraudster asmita patel to either legally purchase the domains or stop claiming to own the domains, which are legally owned and controlled by a harmless hardworking single woman engineer who is not connected to thane FRAUDSTER raw employee asmita patel in any way at all in 2019.

Why is the engineer who is legally owning the domains and controlling them expected to keep quiet when raw/cbi/ntro/state and central government are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING her when they falsely claim that thane fraudster asmita patel and other raw/cbi employes who do not pay all domain expenses, own the domains of a private citizen.

No one falsely claims to own the domains of male domain investors in India, while is the engineer alone subjected to FINANCIAL FRAUD by the stockbroker and other raw/cbi employees who are supported by google, tata