Calculating LIAR R&AW employee Stock broker Asmita patel’s profit for each client

One of greatest frauds of google, tata is how they are duping people, companies and countries worldwide that domain investing is very profitable when it is very risky
In comparison stock investing is very profitable, and the case of domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel is analysed
Asmita patel is investing at least Rs 25 lakh on behalf of her clients
She is then splitting the profit with the clients
Banks are offering 6-7% , others are offering 8% , and they are low risk investments
Compared to bank fixed deposits, stock investing is risky.
So the investor will only invest in stocks if he is getting 15-20% annually
If asmita patel is getting one third of the profit, she must be making Rs 2.5 lakh for each client who is making Rs 5 lakh on Rs 25 lakh invested
while the exact number of clients is not known, she must be having at least 10 clients, and is making Rs 25 lakh profit annually
Unlike domains, there is no annual renewal expenses for stock investment, only a very nominal fee for demat and other transactions. So there is no reason why asmita patel will leave her extremely profitable stock broking business for domain investing where the profit margins are very low .

Yet in a google, tata masterminded FINANCIAL, ICANN fraud, the indian, state governments are falsely claiming that asmita patel, who is least interested in investing money in domains, owns the domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the engineer in the process since 2013, denying her the income and opportunities the engineer deserved.

R&AW employee gujju stockbroker asmita patel, india’s matahari honeytraps her clients into investing Rs 25 lakh with her

One of the biggest frauds of the gujju officials is how they are falsely accusing the domain investor of cheating, when she is only using her own money.
In contrast R&AW employee gujju stockbroker asmita patel, india’s matahari honeytraps her clients into investing Rs 25 lakh with her for stock trading, using her excellent flirting and seduction skills.
Before luring her clients to invest money, asmita patel is giving a presentation to them
For the presentation, asmita patel dresses to kill, and always wears excellent makeup
asmita patel also excels in voice modulation, she knows how to flatter the ego of all kinds of men to make them do what she wants them to

Indian internet sector refuses to acknowledge that its infatuation with gujju LIAR stock broker asmita patel is one sided

Love is blind, and the indian internet sector (or its top officials) are so infatuated with lazy greedy good looking women like the gujju LIAR stock broker asmita patel, that they fail to realize that their infatuation is one sided, asmita patel does not reciprocate

Like a powerful and wealthy person , pampering his favorite SUGAR BABY, the indian internet sector has gifted many rewards to asmita patel like a R&AW job FAKING domain ownership at the expense of the real domain investor, who is spending Rs 5 lakh annually on domains, and is not getting anything, because of INFATUATION of the top officials with the thane flirt asmita patel
However the thane R&AW employee asmita patel, who is stock trading on behalf of her clients, accepting a minimum portfolio of Rs 25 lakh is least interested in investing any money in domains, since she has no prior experience in domains, and is not willing to invest her time and money in the very risky domain business, leaving her extremely profitable stock trading business, which is making her Rs 10-15 lakh in profit annually at least

Yet the indian internet sector lacks the honesty and humanity to ask asmita patel to resign from her R&AW job faking domain ownership, with google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi doing FAKE PROPAGANDA, defaming the real domain investor, who is making a direct loss of Rs 10 lakh annually because of raw/cbi fraud, and is also denied a life of dignity

When will top officials in the indian internet sector officials stop behaving like INFATUATED SCHOOLBOYS and stop making fake claims about the the thane R&AW employee stock broker asmita patel, sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak caro, nayanshree hathwar and other raw/cbi employees, who do not pay for and control any domain, yet get a monthly R&AW salary for FAKING DOMAIN OWNERSHIP

When asmita patel is only interested in stock trading, why are ntro/raw/cbi making fake claims of domain investment

In 2013, R&AW employee asmita patel was a well established stock trader, trading in shares on behalf of her clients
She was accepting only investments of Rs 25 lakh or more, on behalf of her clients and trading in shares on their behalf.

She was then splitting the profit she made with her clients
It appears that asmita patel had a large number of clients for her share trading.
There are many famous gujju stock traders, who manipulate the market
stock trading is far more profitable compared to domains, so there is no reason why she will switch over to domains, losing all her expertise.

Yet R&AW/ntro/cbi continues with its domain ownership fraud, denying the real domain investor, a single woman engineer, paying for and controlling the domains, the income, opportunities she deserved or even a life of dignity since she has to waste her time and money fighting the FALSE PROPAGANDA of the indian government agencies, google, tata who are promoting stock broker asmita patel, who does not spend any money on domains, as a domain investor, owning domains, including this one in a clear case of financial fraud .

Like the movie Rustom based on the nanavati case and other movies, any resemblance to any real life character is purely coincidental

Greedy fraud thane stock broker R&AW employee asmita patel has no ethics at all, is a SHAMELESS LIAR

One of the top fraud stock brokers in India is the google, tata sponsored Greedy unscrupulous fraud thane stock broker R&AW employee asmita patel with straightened hair and great flirting skills
She has no ethics at all, and will shameless lie to become even richer and more powerful. One of the features of asmita patel is how the powerful men she seduces like the mhow monster puneet, blindly believe in her lies. For example in 2013, the greedy thane fraudster asmita patel promised that she would purchase the domains of a single woman engineer who she and her boyfriends hated, to get a lucrative R&AW job
For 7 years, the greedy shameless thane fraudster asmita patel has been getting a very good monthly R&AW salary yet she has refused to pay any money for the domains of a single woman engineer, who is paying Rs 4 lakh annually for the domains. Additionally the shameless fraud raw employee asmita patel and her associates, raw, ntro,cbi are DUPING people with their fake claims of domain ownership, denying the real domain investor a life of dignity , which she is entitled to

So anyone who is planning to deal with R&AW employee stock broker asmita patel, should be aware of the people she cheated, exploited earlier and continues to exploit like the single woman engineer, domain investor