Due to rampant financial fraud, many older citizens prefer to make money investing in stocks

In India, one of the reasons why unemployment is increasing is because experience and skills are no longer valued by the government. A few decades ago, older people were respected for their knowledge, experience and ability to train others.

In 2019, though the indian government has launched the Skill India program, the indian intelligence and security agency employees, especially in goa, refuse to acknowledge the skills and experience of older citizens and are allowed to waste indian taxpayer money to make fake claims about the skills of the call girls supplied to them by google, tata, school dropouts like naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, cheaters, robbers

These intelligence and security agency employees are ruthless in blocking the payment of older citizens, especially from customers in India wasting both their time and money. So instead of wasting time in doing work for which they will not be paid, many older citizens prefer to invest their money in stocks, where the system is largely automated and they can sell their investment anytime.