When asmita patel is only interested in stock trading, why are ntro/raw/cbi making fake claims of domain investment

In 2013, R&AW employee asmita patel was a well established stock trader, trading in shares on behalf of her clients
She was accepting only investments of Rs 25 lakh or more, on behalf of her clients and trading in shares on their behalf.

She was then splitting the profit she made with her clients
It appears that asmita patel had a large number of clients for her share trading.
There are many famous gujju stock traders, who manipulate the market
stock trading is far more profitable compared to domains, so there is no reason why she will switch over to domains, losing all her expertise.

Yet R&AW/ntro/cbi continues with its domain ownership fraud, denying the real domain investor, a single woman engineer, paying for and controlling the domains, the income, opportunities she deserved or even a life of dignity since she has to waste her time and money fighting the FALSE PROPAGANDA of the indian government agencies, google, tata who are promoting stock broker asmita patel, who does not spend any money on domains, as a domain investor, owning domains, including this one in a clear case of financial fraud .

Like the movie Rustom based on the nanavati case and other movies, any resemblance to any real life character is purely coincidental