A Party to Raise Morale

When I took over as general manager of a plant here in town, I knew that there were certain changes I wanted to make immediately. One of them was the morale of the workers. They did get small bonuses, but there was really no other appreciation for the work that they do on a daily basis. I decided to throw a company sponsored party with great food, better bonuses and party entertainment that would excite everyone, regardless of their age or gender. This was easier to plan than one might think, but only because I have used the same caterer and entertainment companies before.

Placing the catering order was easy because the meal I ordered had plenty of side dishes that people enjoy. Ordering the entertainment took me a bit more time because I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. I knew that I wanted to have a live band there, yet there were so many different options. I liked looking through all the tribute bands as well as the original ones that have their own sound. I was able to listen to several videos too, which made it much easier for me to decide.

I wanted more than just music though. Sure, listening and singing along is fine, as is the dancing that would be inevitable. I still wanted something more though. When I saw that there were comedians available who would go around the different tables and entertain, I thought that would be a really fun filler to have. I went ahead and ordered the different pieces of entertainment I wanted, and the entire banquet that I had did more than I could have ever hoped for. People had a great time dancing, eating and laughing, and they loved their new and bigger bonuses too. I am seeing their gratitude in the increased revenue they are bringing in, and they know they have a lot to look forward to as well.