Vodafone share prices falling due to fund raising problems, yet some indian citizens find it difficult to get interest on their savings

Vodafone Idea share prices have reached Rs 9.84 one of the lowest in the last few months, allegedly because of fund raising problem news.
It is one of the greatest ironies that some of the largest telecom companies cannot raise funds, while some citizens are finding it extremely difficult to get any interest on their savings since some of the top banks are openly harassing customers who have more savings with the bank.
Till a few years ago, citizens could take their bank for granted, now some banks are giving extremely poor customer service to some of the customers who have more savings, and who may be criminally defamed by high status people
The citizens are then forced to visit different offices, for getting some interest on their savings, since big banks do not care for some citizens. This shows the glaring gap in the indian financial system, that some citizens find it difficult to invest their money, while companies find it difficult to get investors/funding.