Paying Dues is Really Important in Production

All my life I have been into video production. I was the one that was making home videos for family, creating plays and recording them, and later in my teens really creating unique gifts of footage for everyone I knew. I had always wanted to do that sort of thing and after college, I found myself doing the dream job. I joined a corporate video production in Singapore that worked with the biggest companies in the area.

When I started there, I was a small-time assistant. I knew that I had to pay my dues while working there and I really planned on doing that. In Singapore, it was more of a learning curve. I was happy to sit back for a while so I could understand and learn more from everyone around me. I was lucky that one of the heads of the production team took me under his wing.

For a while, I was getting coffees and food for everyone else. Slowly, I was trusted with being able to get more in depth with the production side of things. I was trusted with the camera work. I was getting more and more comfortable with that and I started to input my own ideas when filming. Some landed, some did not.

The ones that worked out, well, those were the ones that really got me in the trusted world of the production team. They valued my ideas and saw me as an equal and not someone who was just there to collect a paycheck. When you prove that you care about the production, they are more willing to let you be a huge part of it.

Months later, I was allowed to be the head over a small project. I took this as a test for me. Pass or fail, the project overall would have worked depsite what happened in the end. I was just glad that I got a chance to prove I am worthy of working along side the best in Singapore.