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Indian stock markets crashing in September

As the atrocities of indian intelligence and security agencies on small business owners continue unabated, the adverse effects of demonetization, GST have affected the indian economy to a very great extent, and the indian stock markets have crashed in september 2017 after news of the slow growth in the indian economy in the first quarter of financial year 2017-18 was released. Foreign institutional investors, FIIs are withdrawing their investment from india to put the money in other options which will give a better return .
This has also affected the exchange rate for the indian rupee, and it has crashed to a six month low of more than 65.7 according to some media sources. This has made imports more expensive in India, while exporters may benefit marginally.

No equality in the indian internet sector due to corrupt greedy officials

Indian paypal account holders who are not well connected are subjected to very great atrocities by the indian intelligence and security agencies who make completely fake allegations without any proof at all. the shameless section 420 fraud ntro employees are falsely claiming that their relatives, friends, the lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud R&AW/CBI employees who do not spend any money online, do not do any work online , own the websites and paypal account of a google competitor, domain investor to get all these google, tata sponsored frauds a monthly R&AW/CBI salary making a mockery of the fundamental right to equality assured by the indian constitution
An open question to the indian intelligence and security agency employees, when india claims that all citizens are equal, why do their lazy greedy mediocre relatives and friends like goan gsb fraud cbi employee housewife riddhi nayak not open their own paypal account, start their own online business, investing their time and money, why are they behaving like section 420 frauds, duping people, companies and countries worldwide with their complete lies about the domain, paypal account

can the shameless goan gsb fraud mafia of caro, mandrekar, nayak explain in an open debate why their lazy greedy extortionist relative goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak (looks like kangana ranaut) who has got a CBI job since 2014 for faking a btech 1993 ee degree, cannot open her own paypal account and start her own online business, why are they falsely goan conwoman ridddhi, a section 420 fraud owns the online business of a google competitor, obc bhandari single woman engineer, a private citizend.

Investors cut their losses

Foolish investors continue to throw bad money after good money, while smart investors cut their losses in the stock market and elsewhere. As it becomes obvious that it is becoming more difficult to make money online, domain investors are reducing their losses by selling the domain names, especially if they have too many domain names which are not making any money at all. the domain investor is not obliged to invest money in domains for negative returns, when there may be other options which are giving positive returns.
Each domain renewal is costing $10 or more in each case, and it would be better to register a new domain at a far lower cost, instead of renewing a domain which is not likely to make any money for the next few years.
Google can continue deindexing the domain names of the google competitor to cause losses, the domain investor will continue dropping the domain names and registering new domain names.

Incorrect email for demat account or phishing

Some people are giving incorrect emails for their demat account.

We would like to bring to your kind attention that a debit balance of Rs. 1536.3 is reflected in your ledger account as at the end of business today. This could be on account of your transactions today or the debit balance could be continuing from your earlier transactions. As per Exchange regulations, all your obligations have to be met by the pay-in day. Since this sum is outstanding, please deposit this immediately, preferably through an online bank transfer. In case you make this payment through a cheque, then please note that the credit will be given only after the funds are actually realized in our bank account. In the meantime, delayed payment charges will be levied on your account for the duration of the debit.

This message may please be ignored if you have already made payment.

Since all debit balances are supported by the underlying security of the stock purchased and/or stocks lying in your DP account, these stocks (wholly or partially) are at continuous risk of being liquidated at any time without notice (even prior to the pay-in day) in case their market value falls and does not adequately cover this debit balance. To ward off this risk, we would once again urge you to please clear this debit balance immediately, failing which your equity shares and/or F&O positions are at risk of being sold/terminated at any time without further notice.

Cunning stockbroker falsely promoted as domain investor

The top officials in the indian internet sector are so obsessed with glamor that they have become chronic liars who find it impossible to acknowledge the real domain investor. When the domain investor will work from home, they will use this excuse to justify the resume theft for their lazy greedy mediocre call girl friends and relatives.

However,when the obc engineer spends her hard earned money hiring an office,they will falsely claim that the online business belongs to the glamorous stock broker asmita patel when she has not spent a single paisa on the domain names. Because of these false claims of powerful officials,the stock broker has got a lucrative permanent job allegedly in R&AW for falsely claiming to own the domain names.

In reality the cunning stock broker has not spent a single paisa on domain names and other website expenses, yet because of the dishonesty of the top officials in the internet sector, she will get a permanent job, salary and pension for the rest of her life at the expense of the obc engineer, who has got nothing.
The obc engineer and domain investor only has to pay all the bills, while cunning lazy greedy good looking women get permanent government jobs,with salary, pension, falsely claiming to own her business,when there is no connection at all.
Why should the obc engineer and domain investor tolerate the exploitation by the good looking stock broker quietly for the rest of her life

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Tata stock prices crash after chairman announced

After it was announced that the TCS CEO N Chandrasekharan would become the Tata group chairman, after the removal of Cyrus Mistry, the share prices of the tata group companies crashed as it indicated the lack of second level leadership in the group according to media reports. The shares of TCS, the largest tata group company crashed by as much as 4% on Friday 13 January 2016 . The tata group has a large number of companies and it will be difficult to make many of these companies profitable due to the reduced demand in many countries.

Indian stock market crashed after demonetization announced

Usually only countries with failed or failing economies are announcing demonetization, so when the indian government announced demonetization on November 8, 2016, the indian stock market crashed to a very great extent. The demonetized Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes were 86% of the currency in circulation, and when the government declared that the currency was invalid, there was very less currency available for making payment for expenses.
So a large number of companies and individuals would reduce their regular expenses, till the new currency notes were available, Till November 2016 end, it was difficult to get new Rs 500 notes .

Indian media is partly responsible for tata shareholder losses

India claims to be a democracy, however the harsh reality is that in some ways it is far worse than communist china in the never ending atrocities on harmless citizens especially domain investors, paypal account holders. Corporates allegedly google, tata are directly or indirectly involved in very great frauds on harmless indian citizens, domain investors, yet the indian media refuses to cover any news of the fraud, because they are big and well connected companies.
As the companies and officials are assured that the indian mainstream media will not report the corrupt practises, they continue with their frauds to enrich themselves and their associates at the expense of the shareholders . If their officials were aware that any unethical practise would be immediately reported in the media, they would not indulge in any fraud.
The Rs 22 crore air asia fraud, loans which became NPAs and other problems including impersonation frauds were not reported in the indian mainstream media as the indian intelligence agencies controlling the media, tend to favor large and powerful companies, ensure that they always get favorable coverage in the large newspapers and television.

Only when there is a major internal conflict in large companies that all the dirty linen, frauds are reported in the media . If the indian media had been professional and honest, reporting the frauds of large companies and not ignoring the complaints of small business owners adversely affected , these problems would be openly discussed and debated in the media and elsewhere many years ago and corrective action would have been taken. Alternately the officials would not dare to indulge in these frauds like bribing ntro, cbi officials to indulge in impersonation frauds as it cannot be justified publicly

Now all the problems are in the open all of a sudden, and share prices of some tata companies are falling rapidly. These shareholder losses could be prevented if the media was honest in reporting all the problems related to a particular business especially google, tata

War, military action and stock market

The stock market indices are closely related to the politicial conditions. War or economic sanctions can adversely affect the economy of a country. When the indian government announced the “surgical strikes” on terror camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, the stock market indices in India immediately collapsed rather rapidly. Initially it appeared to be a major strike and there were fears of war between the two countries, which could affect trade and the economy.
However later some defence experts announced that India had been conducting surgical strikes earlier also, however it was not publicly announced to avoid any controversy. The decision to announce the news of the strikes was a political one in September 2016, in retaliation for the attack on Uri. So the indian stock market recovered fairly quickly.
However some people were aware of the strikes, so they exited the stockmarket and invested domain names, to maximize their profit. Usually the demand for domains and stock market indices are inversely related, so when stock markets are falling or will fall in future, stock investors will sell and purchase domain names, which are easier to manage and liquidate . However no R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employee is interested in purchasing the domain names till date.

Patel domain fraudster stock broker asmita refusing to purchase domain names, involved in financial fraud

Though she is allegedly get a lucrative salary from R&AW only for making fake claims about domain ownership , the miserly google,tata sponsored gujju patel domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel has refused to purchase any of the, domain names, she falsely claims to own.
The gujju domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel is already an established stock broker making a lot of money from her clients whose stock portfolio she is managing, yet she does not have the grace or honesty to resign from the lucrative R&AW job she has got for making fake claims about domain ownership or purchase the domain names, paying the market value of the domain names., domain names are put for sale, no one is interested.
The shameless crooked tata, google sponsored fraudster asmita patel, a greedy cunning fraudster wants the obc single woman engineer and domain investor to pay all the domain name expenses, and then relies on the shameless cunning patel, gujju fraudster gang in NTRO and elsewhere to spread false rumors that she owns the domain names. The income tax returns will also prove that R&AW employee asmita patel is not owning the domain names.

When will the financial fraud of the tata, google sponsored gujju domain fraudster stock broker R&AW employee asmita patel, which has continued for 3 years, end?