I Am Working a Summer Job Now

Of course I am just trying to figure out what I want to do after I get out of college, but right now I am spending the summer working with my girlfriend’s uncle. He works as a plumber that does sewer TV inspection service there. Of course this means that I get all of the dirty parts of the job and there is plenty of that to go around. I also get to drive the truck, since the state of New Jersey has suspended his driving license for a year at the least. This guy is okay so far as I am concerned, but he also has a pretty good drinking problem. He is too hung over for drinking for most of the day, he has a big thermos full of hot black coffee and he chugs the stuff. When we go to lunch he will often buy a six pack of beer and have half of them drank before we go back to work. The rest of them go in the cooler. If we have to go some place he shall grab one of them, turn it up and not put it down until it is done.

Of course the guy is about six foot four inches tall and he must be real close to three hundred pounds if he is not over that, so he can drink a six pack of beer and it does not seem to have any real effect upon him. He always has some of the hard stuff hidden away for when it gets closer to time to punch out for the day. He likes to drink rum and coke. He will fill his thermos with the stuff and then go at it pretty hard. I usually drop him off at this bar close to his house, from what I can tell he practically lives there.