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Why is glamorous goan gsb fraud CBI employee riddhi so greedy?

Why is glamorous brahmin riddhi so greedy that she does not want to spend a single paisa online or do any work, yet boastfully claims that she is an online exporter owning websites to allegedly get a lucrative government job in RAW at the expense of the vulnerable single obc exporter and engineer.
Now the obc engineer and exporter who actually has been paying all the expenses has been viciously defamed by the greedy cunning riddhi, siddhi their powerful friends and relatives, yet the greedy riddhi gets the government salary, pension for making boastful claims that she owns the business?

Fake domain investor
Is the glamorous riddhi a pathological liar?
Has exploiting brilliant obc engineers and exporters become a habit for the good looking riddhi to become rich and famous overnight?
Why are the phone calls,smses of the obc engineer diverted to the mediocre lazy glamorous riddhi without a court order to deny the obc exporter and engineer her fundamental right
How to expose the fraud of the good looking riddhi to the whole world, so that she either will purchase the websites she has been falsely claiming to own, paying the market value, or she , her powerful friends and relatives stop making false claims that she owns websites, is an exporter.

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