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Where To Sell Gold Jewelry – For The Guaranteed Highest Rate Without Being Taken For A Ride Without Your Knowledge

It is no longer the question of if you should sell your gold, but where to sell gold. The price of gold continues to climb at an all-time high these days. Real estate, the stock market, and the US dollar have proven numerous times that they are not as guaranteed as we once assumed that they would be. On the other hand, gold has been,is, and will continue to be a rock solid investment, for the long-haul, in the guaranteed future.

So the issue of where to sell gold will depend on where you can get the right offer for it. The one thing you do not want to do is give your gold to someopportunistic pawn shop or jewelry exchange that may rob you out of the real value of your goods. In the end, even a jeweler needs to make money too, right? After all, a retailer is going to pocket your gold and attempt to resell it… the old buy low, sell high technique. It’s his job to pay as less as possible for your gold so that he can resell the same item for as high as possible, to make a profit.

The ideal business where to sell gold jewelry is to a refinery of gold. Why? Because they will take your gold and melt it down, and repurpose it as they see fit. Gold refineries are not in the business of retail. They don’t resell gold items. They are basically a wholesale distributor of gold raw material. There is no middle-man, thus the profit margin is higher, and therefore they can afford to pay you maximum compensation for your gold.

The truth is, you can expect to get about 300% more for your gold through gold refineries than you would if you were to trade it in at a retailer.

The best part is that these companies are offer a haggle-free price. They offer a rapid estimate and issue payment to you expediently. You don’t have to fear being ripped off, because you aren’t. You are getting the highest payout possible, while still leaving room for the refinery to make a profit as well.

So it really is best to do your homework before you decide where to sell it. Make sure that you are not dealing with some gold “dealership”. Be sure you are not giving up your gold to some hustler that is out there to take your jewelry and run.

If you own gold, then you should know that you actually hold the upper hand in any negotiation. Gold is a scarce resource. You have something that THEY want. They want your gold. So you should not settle for whatever meager sum they are willing to offer you. You ought to know the true worth of your gold.

And that is what makes the refinery the most lucrative place to sell your old gold

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