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What to Do If Your an Oil Millionaire

The oil industry is in all likelihood one of the richest sectors in the globe, if you happen to have a piece of land and have any oil below the dry land. You would instantly be rolling in cash and funds. But how would you spend all of this money? A vast amount of the oil tycoons in the world have millions if not billions of dollars on their banks. I mean how would you aim at spending this quantity of money? Well lets take a closer look.

Football Club

This seems the number one option for a oil tycoon to buy. I literally mean that it is probably every males dream to take control of a football club, especially a large one. I mean you probably have a huge home, and wonderful car, so why not get the fame as well by splashing out on a football club?.


Now depending on how much oil you have you could potentially go out and purchase your own little island in the Caribbean or something of that sort. But unless you have at least double digit millions in your account then I would not even conceive buying one.

Yacht or Jet

Purchasing a Yacht or Jet is absolutely essential if you are going to buy an island. I mean how else would you get there? Its not as if you will be able to jump on a public aeroplane or get a boat across to the middle of nowhere.


Well you have purchased everything on Earth and have the money to purchase anything else then why not conceive taking the space approach and purchasing a piece of the moon or like other millionaires building your own space shuttle to actually take people on holiday to space.

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