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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing into Stocks

Stock marketing investing allows people to grow their money over the long term. But there are risks in the stock market. Investing into the stock market has it’s pros and cons. Here is some information on the pros and cons of stock investing for beginning investors.

Over the long term stocks tend to do better then other investments. Pretty much every time investors have bought strong stocks in the past and held onto them for a long time period they made money.

There is no guarantee that stocks will continue to be the best performing assets in the future, but it does suggest that it will likely hold true.

There are also top dividend stocks which pay out a nice income to their shareholders. These help you to create a pretty consistent cash flow which can really add up if you are able to invest enough money over years of saving.

If you hold onto a dividend stocks for long enough you should be able to get your investment back off of the dividends alone. If that happens any extra dividend you receive and the price of the stock itself would be free money.

However there is also one big risk when it comes to the stock market. Even though on average stocks have gone up in the past, that does not mean it will contiue to happen that way in the future. There is also no guarantee that you will not lose money in the market by buying and holding. One of the facts about the 1929 great depression is that investors who bought in 1929 had to wait for many decades just to break even.

This is why there are so many investors who would rather invest into low return but more secure investments such as C.D.’s. Unlike C.D.’s however, the stock market actually have an unlimited profit potential and historically has done pretty well.

The final decision of whether to invest into the market or not is up to you, but in the end there was never any reward without risk.

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