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Ways To Retire Early

No one wants to retire after they are too old to enjoy life any more. A lot of people max out their 401ks in hopes of being able to quit their jobs in the near future.

Investing into traditional retirement plans can be good if you do not mind working for 40 or 50 years. The 401k withdrawal rules make you pay a penalty if you want to take out an early withdraw from your account.

So, what is left? Is there any way youcan you retire while you are still young enough to enjoy it? Yes, there are a lot of ways to do this, in fact here are 3 different methods which have helped people retire.

Learn to Trade

Learning stock trading is one of the most powerful ways to make money. A lot of people think that stocks are just slow moving securities that move up a few percentage points per year, that is just not true. While the average stock market return has been around 10% a year it does not mean stocks go up exactly 10% every year.

The S&P can go down 50% one year and then up 40% the next two. Traders can make money on the up side and on the down side, that is one of the reasons it can be so powerful.

Starting a Business

There are hundreds of ways to start your own business. The thing I like about starting my own business is that once it is going strong there are a lot of ways to just outsource all the work you need to be done.

Ok so many of you will say, “starting a business is not retiring, it is just switching”, well you may be right, but it is a lot easier to be a boss of your own business then an employee of someone else’s.

Become a Land Lord

One way that has become very popular is by buying houses and renting them out. It requires you to buy good houses and rent them out to other people. Increasing rent and the fact that you are consistantly paying off the morgage mean that as time goes by the income from the rental property will continue to increase.

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