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Warning about false claims of stock broker asmita patel and her associates

Though the shameless fraud indian intelligence agency officials are falsely claiming that the thane stock broker asmita patel owns the domain names of the obc single woman engineer and domain investor to get the mediocre asmita patel , a lucrative job in R&AW, in reality there is no connection at all as she has never spent a single penny on a domain name,

The lazy greedy asmita patel does not know anything about domain investing, websites or a Paypal account, yet the powerful fraud indian intelligence agency officials allegedly bribed by Google,Tata, Paypal are abusing their powers, wasting indian tax payer money to promote the cunning stock broker asmita patel, and to defame the real domain investor, an obc single woman engineer

Though the real domain investor has been posting the disclaimer on all websites so that people are not misled, R&AW and NTRo officials are extremely shameles, dishonest, with zero personal integrity and are least affected when their lies are exposed. If anyone is aware of how to stop the wastage of indian tax payer money on paying asmita patel, a salary, faking her resume, it will be appreciated.

Why should the obc engineer pay the domain renewal, registration fee and the lazy greedy fraud asmita patel get credit, salary without doing any work or spending a single penny on the domain names? Can any R&AW , NTRO or other intelligence agency official honestly explain or justify the fraud on the obc engineer instead of complaining about the damage to reputation of the India when she exposes the fraud?

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