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Stock investments


Types of Stock Market Investments

There are a couple different types of investments which can be made in the stock market. You may choose to use all of the investment approaches in your portfolio, or you might decide to just focus on one area. The three different types of investments out there are.

1. Long Term Growth

The type of investment shoots for long term growth. These are stocks that are fundmentally stong and will probably grow over the long term. The idea is to invest into these stocks and then hold onto them for the long term as they slowly go up in value. By doing this an investor can take grow their wealth as the company grows and as stocks continue to go up.

This slow and steady approach is not sexy, but it can make you rich. Slow and steady can eventually get you to where you want to go.

2. Income Investing

This strategy is not so much designed to grow money, but rather to build an income off of the money that you already have. If you are able to invest $10,000 into a stock that yields 8% each year for instance you would be able to make $800 in passive income each year.

While that may not be a lot if you invest a lot of money into the market it can add up. Investing into stocks paying dividends can be a great way of making some income off of money that you already have. If you have some money stored up and want to have it work for you, this can be a terrific way to do just that.

3. Short Term Trading

Trading in the short term is the process of buying and selling securities in relatively short intervals. By doing so you can profit from the ups and downs and potentially make more then you could by buying and holding.

It can actually be an extremely powerful way of growing your money in the stock market. But it does need you to be more active in what is going on in the stock market. It can also be very risk if you don’t know what you are doing, so if you are interested in trading give it the attention it deserves.

Those are the three main ways which people can invest money. If you still have questions and concerns about the stock market you can always figure out everything that you need to know by asking them on this stock trading questions and answers page.

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