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Throwing Events During the Credit Crunch

You’ve got the big event coming up, and you want it to be a special one. Only thing is, since the economy took a turn for the worse, the pennies are kind of tight at the moment, and getting some professional help is never cheap. Without spending a lot of money even your event can be successful.

¢ Cook the food yourself. Usually with an event you’ve got hundreds of things to organise, and if you can get someone else to worry about the food, thats one detail taken care of. BUT, you gotta save the pennies, and catering firms are one of the most expensive elements of a party. Another chore to be taken care of by you, but itll be cheaper for you to do it this way. Now, this could prove a blessing in disguise, as you will have total control over what you will be having at the event. So you can make a vegetarian dish for the only vegetarian there for example.

¢ Get people you know to help out. Now that you’ve decided to take this one, you need to call in some favours from friends. Those favours your owed? Time to call them in, because you need all the people to help out that you can get. All hands on deck for this one, and the more hands you have the quicker it gets done and you can move onto something else. You might have a friend who can DJ, or maybe even a beauty therapist who can do some pedicures or give out some samples of beauty products to guests?

¢ Use a cheaper brand when shopping. Many of your guest wont actually noticed, if instead of getting an expensive brand you go for a supermarkets own. The stigma over buying a cheaper brand or supermarkets own should be gone at this stage, especially when we’re in a recession. This will save on some more pennies, allowing you maybe to buy more or put that money saved into something else.

¢ Use you house as the venue for the event. Yes, its not as glamourous as what you had planned, but you can get away with it. You can now put that money back into the bank and smile about the fact you’ve saved afew more pennies. For a bigger event you could even, as long as you permission, use a location out in the countryside, for a touch of class. For more information about event planning and spa days.

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