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Back to Basics for Working Capital Management

A simple common sense solution will often be more effective than a complicated approach when businesses are faced with difficult financial circumstances. The critical importance for small business owners placing a high priority on “getting back to the basics” is exemplified by increasingly limited working capital funding options in the face of commercial banking problems.

While a traditional bank solution will generally involve taking on more business debt to resolve financial problems, a process of reviewing “working capital basics” should help businesses determine if other commercial finance options might be more effective in resolving a current predicament. (more…)

Accounts Receivable Factoring for Small Business Finance

As a practical strategy to replace conventional bank business loans for any small business owner trying to keep their operation afloat, accounts receivable financing should be thoroughly evaluated. A temptation for borrowers to eliminate options prematurely because they appear to be too costly or complicated is one of the biggest hurdles in this process. It will usually be prudent to keep all workable options on the table because there will not always be be a simple or cheap solution to the commercial finance difficulties for a business. (more…)

More Problems for Business Finance Programs

Based on what has been seen and reported, it is reasonable to wonder if commercial banking has more big problems lurking in the wings. Banks and other lenders have experienced both poor operating results and negative publicity for the past year or more. The commercial loans activity reported by most banks tells a different story than the portrayal as healthy and normal by bankers and politicians. (more…)