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Stake sale in internet companies

Though only one person will take the risk of starting an online business, making great sacrifices, the powerful fraud officials in the indian internet sector have devised a unique way of getting a stake in the company, They will make false accusations against the innocent harmless business owner, sexually harass, cheat her for years, trying to force her to form a company with their mediocre lazy greedy cheater relatives and friends.
The fraud relatives and friends of these officials will have cheated the business owner, a single woman obc engineer, yet these shameless fraud officials will claim that their fraud relatives and friends are the associates or friends of the obc engineer. Why should the obc engineer consider these greedy lazy cheater women like nayanshree, siddhi, riddhi her friends? These cheater women are also stealing her correspondence wasting tax payer money, yet the obc engineer is expected to tolerate these greedy frauds .

The powerful shameless fraud officials in the indian internet sector do not want to give up on their pet project of forcing the obc engineer to form a company with their lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives. When the obc engineer has invested a large amount why should she give a stake to the greedy lazy frauds who have ruthlessly cheated her, have not spoken to her?

Do people form companies with robbers, cheaters and known frauds who have looted them and commited corporate espionage? Then why are the top officials wasting tax payer money for more than 5 years to force an obc engineer to give a stake to the frauds who have cheated her?

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