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Oil Made me Rich

All my life I have been struggling to get by, with no money and zilch in my life things were backbreaking. I never really had a good job or a decent income, I think this was mainly due down to the fact that I simply could not find something I was interested in.

Well my life literally started a few months ago when I made the decision to actually do a bit of gardening. I am not really an avid gardener myself but it was getting very messy throughout. So I literally pulled my gloves on and started cutting the grass. While I was cutting the grass I come across a black stain.

I went to investigate this stain further and what happened was I saw a huge puddle of oil. I got quite scared so I phoned the authorities to see what was happening. When they told me that my garden was full out oil, I literally could not stop smiling. I went to a specialist and got this oil evaluated and to my shock they said it was worth one million pounds.

They said they needed to buy the house off me and gave me double the asking value. Since then my life has completely changed. I used my brain and invested all of that money into businesses and properties and I finally found something that I liked to do and that was being my own boss and literally being in full control.

It was luck that made me spot that oil, and any home could in fact have the same luck if they looked hard enough. That oil is now probably being used as heating oil or car oil but in the end it has gave me a great life.

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