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Lazy greedy Sunaina promoted as domain investor for FREE SEX bribes

It appears that dishonesty, lies, cheating, sex scams prevalent in the indian internet sector will continue for a very long time as the top officials seem to be completely devoid of morals and do not want to improve. Any honest person will be viciously defamed, their retirement savings stolen and denied the position he or she deserved

Even the local police remarked that spreading completely falsely malicious rumors has become the trademark of the indian internet sector and people have to deal with it. While rumors are harmless, when important government jobs in the all powerful intelligence agencies are given on the basis of these false rumors and allegations it will become very dangerous for the stakeholders, when call girls and brahmin cheaters have the license to waste tax payer money to harass the stakeholders .

Take the case of top officials promoting lazy greedy goan call girl sunaina as a domain investor and online exporter to allegedly get her a permanent job in R&AW when she does not spend a single paisa online. In reality an older single woman obc engineer who these officials hate is the domain investor and online exporter, yet because the fraud goan obc bsc sunaina bribes the fraud top officials in the indian internet sector with FREE SEX they are wasting indian tax payer money to promote the lazy greedy bsc sunaina as the domain investor and online exporter.

These powerful officials also know that their darling call girls sunaina, siddhi do not spend a single paisa on the domain names and do not control them, yet being chronic and shameless liars they will falsely claim that the call girls are the domain investor to justify their appoint to important governmemt jobs at the expense of the real domain investor, These thick skinned officials are immune to all criticism and they do not stop their fraud though it has adversely affected the image of the indian internet sector,.

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