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Indian media is partly responsible for tata shareholder losses

India claims to be a democracy, however the harsh reality is that in some ways it is far worse than communist china in the never ending atrocities on harmless citizens especially domain investors, paypal account holders. Corporates allegedly google, tata are directly or indirectly involved in very great frauds on harmless indian citizens, domain investors, yet the indian media refuses to cover any news of the fraud, because they are big and well connected companies.
As the companies and officials are assured that the indian mainstream media will not report the corrupt practises, they continue with their frauds to enrich themselves and their associates at the expense of the shareholders . If their officials were aware that any unethical practise would be immediately reported in the media, they would not indulge in any fraud.
The Rs 22 crore air asia fraud, loans which became NPAs and other problems including impersonation frauds were not reported in the indian mainstream media as the indian intelligence agencies controlling the media, tend to favor large and powerful companies, ensure that they always get favorable coverage in the large newspapers and television.

Only when there is a major internal conflict in large companies that all the dirty linen, frauds are reported in the media . If the indian media had been professional and honest, reporting the frauds of large companies and not ignoring the complaints of small business owners adversely affected , these problems would be openly discussed and debated in the media and elsewhere many years ago and corrective action would have been taken. Alternately the officials would not dare to indulge in these frauds like bribing ntro, cbi officials to indulge in impersonation frauds as it cannot be justified publicly

Now all the problems are in the open all of a sudden, and share prices of some tata companies are falling rapidly. These shareholder losses could be prevented if the media was honest in reporting all the problems related to a particular business especially google, tata

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