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Goan vvip call girl sunaina is not a domain investor

Though allegedly google, tata, paypal, and top officials from ntro like j srinivasan have got the lazy greedy goan call girl bsc obc sunaina a lucrative government job allegedly in RAW falsely claiming that she is a domain investor, in reality the greedy cunning sunaina has not spent a single paisa on the domain names.
the powerful shameless fraud j srinivasan is extremely infatuated with the slim bsc sunaina half his age, falsely claims that she was his engineering college classmate to steal the impressive resume of his obc engineering college classmate for the mediocre call girl to get a job which she does not deserve.
The shameless frauds J and sunaina falsely claim to own all the websites including this one, when she does not even own a single website as she does not want to spend a single paisa on the domain names. She cunningly relies on powerful fraud lovers to abuse their powers, and spread false rumors that she owns the websites to get her great powers which she does not deserve.
The exploited obc engineer wants raw and other indian intelligence agencies to officially declare the reservation for call girls and cheaters like sunaina, siddhi, nayanshree,riddhi, instead of having powerful fraud officials steal the impressive resume of brilliant obc engineers for the call girls and cheaters

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