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Five tip-offs your Arizona Realtor may not be right for you

If you are soon to be a first time Arizona homeowner, buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your lifetime. That’s why finding a skillful Arizona real estate consultant is pivotal in finding what you like at a price that is affordable. Unfortunately, many people lack in-depth knowledge of what an agent should or shouldn’t be doing for them and waste a lot of time staying with a bad realtor. Here is 5 tell-tale warning signs that should persuade you to break up with your realtor:

1. Your realtor is deaf
If your realtor is oblivious to what you want and always shows you homes that are too expensive or not in your chosen neighborhoods, it’s time to move on. An attentive realtor will explain the process to you, conduct extensive research on the Arizona MLS and attempt to preview the homes he wants to show to you, so he doesn’t waste your time. Your realtor should ask you a variety of questions before looking at homes such as: how much can you afford? What type of house are you looking for? Are you pre-qualified for a loan? And how long have you been searching? Realtors who are truly interested in their clients ask an abundance of questions and then seek to fulfill the answers.

2. Your realtor is unethical
A realtor who will pull a fast one just to get you a potentially better deal is someone you should get rid of immediately. Your Arizona realtor should be professional and never try to manipulate you into doing something unethical. Although a realtor make suggest using a particular mortgage broker or home inspector he has worked with in the past, he should also never insist that you use someone he knows.

3. Your realtor is too busy
If your Arizona real estate agent doesn’t return calls in a timely manner and is slow in the midst of negotiations, that could mean losing out on the perfect home, Timing is everything in the real estate business and a realtor who leaves you hanging all the time is not meeting your needs.

4. Your realtor betrays your confidence
Any personal information you choose to tell your realtor should be kept private. A realtor who reveals personal information in order to make a deal such as “my client really needs a house now because they are getting evicted” or “my client may be willing to pay more because they just got divorced and are in a rush” is not an appropriate way for a realtor to do business. An experienced real estate agent will only disclose your offer and terms of financing. Negotiating effectively does not require a realtor to betray their client’s confidential information.

5. Your realtor is pushy and abusive

Having a realtor who is tenacious is necessary, but a realtor who always makes ultimatums, is rude to other realtors or is combative towards you will put you at a disadvantage. They should never belittle you, make you feel guilty about a small budget, or talk you out of buying a home you really like so that they can sell you a pricier home. A great agent isn’t passive but can also get things done by being diplomatic and cordial.

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