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Facebook leaks private info

MI6 rushed into an investigation last night after it was reported that valuable and secret information was leaked on the popular social media network, Facebook.

Within the London network there are roughly 3 million users however this does not count for anyone outside of that network who also may of been looking. Sir John Sawers wife disclosed information on where the couple work and live and pictures of a recent family holiday.

Sir John Sawers is set to take over all intelligence operations in November but this is not a good start to get that job secured. His wifes blunder is deeply embarrassing for MI6 who were last night facing questions as to why the family had not been more closely monitored and screened to see if they could cope with such a situation within the family. That is not to say that the family was placed under computer surveillance or vehicle tracking but it just means that they understand the basic of what they can and cant do. Spy gadgets aside it is important to understand the threat with such powerful social media website and it is important to recognise their capability to reach so many people so fast. This what was obviously so worrying.

Thankfully, the information was not displayed for very long at all but there is no way of finding out who may of seen it.

Question is how can you get around this issue? Well in order for only your close friends to see your profile content you need to edit the privacy settings from within your own account otherwise anyone can see the vital information that you are displaying on your profile.
The fact is that do we really want someone this ‘clumsy’ to be in charge of our foreign affairs on such a massive scale?

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