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Exporters vs Stock traders

Most countries encourage their exporters since they earn valuable foreign exchange for the country, and a country with a favorable balance of payments is an economic power. However, India has a big current account deficit, with imports exceeding exports, yet exporters are subjected to endless harassment by powerful people, who can waste any amount of tax payer money to harass and persecute the exporters.

Basically Indian exporters are expected to give a large stake in their business to relatives and friends of powerful people, just to escape the harassment and persecution. It is very unfair for the exporter who has struggled alone for many years, but these powerful decision makers have no sense of fairness, humanity or justice, they just want to exploit a person who is vulnerable.

All exports are closely monitored, especially those made through Paypal. The exporter is put under surveillance online and offline, so that powerful people can falsely claim credit for their glamorous friends and relatives.These friends and relatives will do nothing, but are showered with great powers because their powerful relatives and friends can steal credit from the exporter. Parallely numerous attempts are made to destroy the reputation of the exporter.

It is also observed that individuals and companies dealing locally, especially those trading in shares do not suffer the same persecution and are showered with privileges. Complete support is given by certain companies to some glamorous crooked share traders by powerful people to stealing the identity of the exporter. In such cases, the exporter is forced to focus on the local market, at least they will not be subjected to the persecution and harassment.

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