Stock Investing Strategies

Stock investments


Different Investment Methods

There are a few different strategies that you can use in order to increase your wealth. Each investment option has a huge potential. So, what are the best ways to invest your money? Here are the 3 most powerful methods of investing money.

1. Stock Market

Here is a basic overview of the stock market for beginning investors. Companies sell individual investors a small stake in the company. These are called stocks. In other words by investing into a stock you are buying part of the company and are betting that it will grow over time.

If the stock pays out a dividend then you benefit from a small monthly cash flow. Also as the company grows so does the value of your stock. If done right investing in the stock market can be pretty powerful.

2. Real Estate Investing

Another way of investing money is to get into rental properties. You basically become the landlord. At first when you are investing in real estate it could actually seem like it is less of an investment and more of a financial mess that you have gotten yourself into. However if you can hold onto it until you pay down the mortgage and the cash flow increases it can be a very nice way of creating wealth. The goal is to get into a few houses, pay off the mortgage and live off the cash flow coming in by the renters.

3. Tax Lien

If you have ever not paid your taxes on a property you know that you will have to pay them later on plus a late fee. Well, investing into tax liens takes advantage of the other end of this deal. Whenever somebody does not pay their taxes the city still needs that money to manage itself.

What they do to get it is simply sell the tax liens to inverstors in exchange for a guaranteed return when the taxes are finally paid back. In many cases a tax lien investor can get a guaranteed return of 12-30% on their investment making it a fantastic way of safely building your wealth.

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