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Decline in merchandise export from India

In March there was a very major decline in exports from India , probably because most small exporters are subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses and denied their fundamental right to earn a living. Compared to even 7-8 years ago, today exporters in India are treated worse than hardened criminals and uneducated fools as tax payer money will be wasted to force them to sell their business to well connected greedy lazy people.When the exporter cannot lead a normal life, how can they focus on their business. Many officials do not realize that experience and knowledge of the market will lead to overseas success.

These well connected people have got everything on a platter usually because of their caste, relatives and friends and will flourish in india where contacts matter to a very large extent, not merit, quality, competence or hard work. In India these well connected frauds will get away with all their cheating and lies as the police will refuse to take action against them because they are brahmins or have powerful friends, relatives .

However in the world market, these arrogant mediocre frauds will find it difficult to get repeat customers, as the buyers can choose to purchase from some other country, where they get a better deal and people are more honest. people who are chronic cheaters and liars like brahmins nayanshree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, obc call girl sunaina will eventually show their true colors and few people will like to do business with these mediocre lazy frauds in the long term,

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