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Cunning stock broker gets credit for domain investing

The fraud top officials in the indian internet sector are completely blinded by beauty and it has affected their professional judgement very badly. If a domain investor is not good looking these shameless fraud officials refuse to acknowledge her and falsely claim that the money was invested online by a glamorous stock broker Asmita patel who operated from the the same premises for a short period of time.

When the stock broker has not invested a single paisa on domain names, why are these shameless fraud powerful officials in the indian internet sector so eager to give the stock broker credit at the expense of the real domain investor who is spending her hard earned money on the domain names. The real domain investor, an obc single woman engineer has made great sacrifices to invest money in domain names, travelling by train instead of flying by air. Because of the lies of the top officials falsely claiming that asmita patel owns the domain names, allegedly the stock broker asmita patel has got a lucrative government job in R&AW

Just because she is well connected, good looking and glamorous, why does the cunning stock broker falsely claim that she owns the websites and domain names, is an online exporter? On the other hand why do the powerful fraud officials in the indian internet sector expect the real domain investor to keep quiet when they falsely claim that their glamorous stock broker friend also owns the domain names

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