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Comparison between Home Living and Condominium Living

For first-time home buyers and empty-nesters, there are so many things to consider when you look for a place to live in. Think of the things you want to do in your house; would you like to modify it, can you have a garden, or a place where you can get close to your neighbors?

The important factor to consider when buying a house is the distance from your workplace. Condominiums are much close to urban settings, so they are more appropriate and offer more possibilities. If you know what to look for, choosing a condo over a house or a house over a condo may be the best way to go for investment. Let us compare the differences of the two:

House and Lot:

This offers more breathable and big areas. The rooms are wider, you can create a garden, a space for your pets, and a space for more areas which you can soon expand. Higher interaction to the neighbors can also be achieved because of the open community. There can be large parking spaces and playgrounds for children.

It is also very ideal to raise a family because generally it is larger than a condominium. Real estate developers also say that the number one advantage of owning a house and lot is its large contiguous property. A house and lot owner can be assured of large open spaces and a low-density community. Investing in a house and lot also means the family can enjoy modern community amenities.

If the village is located near the central business districts, then it’s a good thing. Commonly, most villages are settled far from the cities to avoid disturbances. If this is the case, then homeowners usually can spend more on fuel prices for commuting everyday to places like school, mall and hospital.


Condo units are perfect for those who have fast-paced lifestyle. Users are typically singe or couples who have less time in commuting or driving. They would rather be near in the place of their interest or work place.

A condominium unit provides a practical solution to the tremendous growth of the middle market and because of the given expensive land as well as the perennial traffic in the metropolis. A well-developed condominium also means enjoying a menu of integrated services: higher level of security round the clock, exceptional facilities management, concierge or housekeeping services, better appreciation on investment, and faster turnover on sales or rentals.

Most condominiums have monthly maintenance fees. The money goes toward the collective upkeep and development of the property. Combine these fees with monthly mortgage payments and you can sometimes end up paying more per month for a condo than a house of equal value.

You can insure your house with the right property insurance for protection. You can have your condo unit insured too but it doubles your payment because of the other payments in the Condo Association Loans.

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