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Be Watchful for Fake Male Enlargement Products

Many people question which male enlargement products are fake. It might surprise you that almost every male enlargement product available on the market is a fake.

Men actually spend money on such pills and almost none of them complain about the lack of effects. This is the question that was born in the minds of both prospective customers and simply curious people: are male enlargement products a scam?

The quick answer to that question is that its impossible to tell. The way these products are setup and sold is such that it could be a completely bogus product; however they use creative sales pitches, doctor endorsements, and customer testimonials to make it look like a wonder product. The reasoning is simple that $400 male enlargement product costs them pennies to make since its a fake.

The right answer is not that simple. There are a huge range of male enhancement products out there, and some of them work legitimately and do as promised. Some of the companies that make male enhancement products have even done clinical studies and trials so they can get FDA-approved, such as the Size Genetics device which is now a medically approved device (which means if you get your doctor to recommend it you can write it off against your medical insurance even and get your money back from your insurance company!).

The other common method that penis enlargement products take is as a pill. You take a pill that has been created specifically to increase the blood flow to your penis, which is how the leading brand-name prescriptions work (the big blue pill that you are probably familiar with). Your penis is basically a large muscle muscles get bigger and stronger when you improve the circulation to them, so the basic premise behind these pills is that by increasing circulation in your penis you can get bigger, stronger penis. Do these products work? Yes they do, however 99% of the ones you will find on the market are fake sugar pills.

Another concern is that not all companies are honest in their business and not all products are good for you. The mixtures of herbs, which the pills contain, can count just about anything among the ingredients and while some ingredients may be simply useless, other can do you serious harm.

So this raises a serious question how do you know which male enhancement products you can trust and which are fake?

The best way is to check out reviews from previous customers. So if you are interested in review of Size Genetics, head over to for the latest information on this medically-approved penis extender.

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