Big bull Rakesh Jhunjunwala of indian stock markets dies of cardiac arrest

The media reported that Big bull Rakesh Jhunjunwala of indian stock markets died of cardiac arrest on 14 August 2022 in the morning, He was one of top stock market traders with an estimated net worth of $5.8 billion and died at a comparatively young age of 62. He was a qualified chartered accountant and many of the companies he invested in made huge profits later.
Despite his great wealth, he could not take proper care of his health resulting in multiple ailments.
he launched a new airline akasa air recently
He was suffering from multiple ailments like diabetes and kidney failure and was undergoing dialysis. He also suffered from covid , yet he continued to smoke and drink. Most people are not aware that people with even little money are being assaulted to ruin their health regularly with recent food poisoning and radiation torture incidents being documented. So if Jhunjunwala was not careful, it would be very easy to ruin his health.
the greedy gujju stock trader raw employee amita patel is also overweight so she may be having health problems though she always appears very jovial