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Why is glamorous goan gsb fraud CBI employee riddhi so greedy?

Why is glamorous brahmin riddhi so greedy that she does not want to spend a single paisa online or do any work, yet boastfully claims that she is an online exporter owning websites to allegedly get a lucrative government job in RAW at the expense of the vulnerable single obc exporter and engineer.
Now the obc engineer and exporter who actually has been paying all the expenses has been viciously defamed by the greedy cunning riddhi, siddhi their powerful friends and relatives, yet the greedy riddhi gets the government salary, pension for making boastful claims that she owns the business?

Fake domain investor
Is the glamorous riddhi a pathological liar?
Has exploiting brilliant obc engineers and exporters become a habit for the good looking riddhi to become rich and famous overnight?
Why are the phone calls,smses of the obc engineer diverted to the mediocre lazy glamorous riddhi without a court order to deny the obc exporter and engineer her fundamental right
How to expose the fraud of the good looking riddhi to the whole world, so that she either will purchase the websites she has been falsely claiming to own, paying the market value, or she , her powerful friends and relatives stop making false claims that she owns websites, is an exporter.

Goan vvip call girl sunaina is not a domain investor

Though allegedly google, tata, paypal, and top officials from ntro like j srinivasan have got the lazy greedy goan call girl bsc obc sunaina a lucrative government job allegedly in RAW falsely claiming that she is a domain investor, in reality the greedy cunning sunaina has not spent a single paisa on the domain names.
the powerful shameless fraud j srinivasan is extremely infatuated with the slim bsc sunaina half his age, falsely claims that she was his engineering college classmate to steal the impressive resume of his obc engineering college classmate for the mediocre call girl to get a job which she does not deserve.
The shameless frauds J and sunaina falsely claim to own all the websites including this one, when she does not even own a single website as she does not want to spend a single paisa on the domain names. She cunningly relies on powerful fraud lovers to abuse their powers, and spread false rumors that she owns the websites to get her great powers which she does not deserve.
The exploited obc engineer wants raw and other indian intelligence agencies to officially declare the reservation for call girls and cheaters like sunaina, siddhi, nayanshree,riddhi, instead of having powerful fraud officials steal the impressive resume of brilliant obc engineers for the call girls and cheaters

Rewarding blackmailers and extortionists for defaming obc engineer

Fraud officials in the indian internet sector have developed a very cheap and cunning way of ruining the reputation of an obc engineer, They will stalk, terrify, discriminate against and then steal the retirement savings of the obc engineer abusing their powers, without a court order.

Then they will reward every person who will make false accusations without proof, against the innocent obc engineer with her hard earned money, without the permission of the obc engineer. They will advertise their reward program for defaming the innocent obc engineer all over India, to encourage everyone to make false accusations to earn some quick money,
When a large number of people have received rewards for making false accusations without proof, they will use these false accusations for justifying the denial of fundamental rights to the innocent harmless obc engineer, diverting her correspondence, emails, smses.

These officials can coveniently remain anonymous, falsely claiming national security matters are involved, making it difficult for the obc engineer to find out the fraud officials who have been taking decisions on her behalf, without giving her a chance to defend herself. Who are these officials to take decisions regarding the innocence, hard earned money of the obc engineer, a stranger to them ?

If these officials are making wrong decisions, wasting her hard earned money on greedy frauds and blackmailers , why should the obc engineer suffer? these officials get a pension, why are they allowed to waste her retirement savings? Why has the obc engineer not been given a chance to take her own decisions, to find out who are making false accusations against her, so that she can take legal action against the blackmailers ?

Powerful fraud jealous classmates hate an investor

Powerful officials are extremely jealous of the success of their engineering college classmate, a obc single woman engineer, as an investor that they have wasted a huge amount of tax payer money to destroy her life.
No one had stopped them from investing a few years ago, they lacked the knowledge and risk taking ability,
Now they refuse to acknowledge her success, stealing her retirement savings, resume for their cheater and call girl friends.they do everything to sabotage her business, defame her as a fool with no skills, knowledge or experience, wasting tax payer money to harass her daily.

To get good returns on any investment, some level of experience, knowledge will be needed
The obc engineer will not make much money initially investing in jewelry, real estate as she does not have the expertise or knowledge However, she will make some money online, because she understands the market very well,

However powerful fraud officials in the indian internet sector are behaving very dishonestly, claiming that the investment was being made by their lazy greedy call girl friends siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, asmita patel , when these women do not spend a single paisa online, and do not control the assets .

It is time they acknowledge the expertise fo the obc exporter in selecting and registering domain names and stop spreading false rumors that their mediocre lazy greedy call girl friends siddhi mandrekar, sunaina own the websites, domain names to stop the creation of more content exposing the fraud . The low levels of integrity online in India have become world famous

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Decline in merchandise export from India

In March there was a very major decline in exports from India , probably because most small exporters are subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses and denied their fundamental right to earn a living. Compared to even 7-8 years ago, today exporters in India are treated worse than hardened criminals and uneducated fools as tax payer money will be wasted to force them to sell their business to well connected greedy lazy people.When the exporter cannot lead a normal life, how can they focus on their business. Many officials do not realize that experience and knowledge of the market will lead to overseas success.

These well connected people have got everything on a platter usually because of their caste, relatives and friends and will flourish in india where contacts matter to a very large extent, not merit, quality, competence or hard work. In India these well connected frauds will get away with all their cheating and lies as the police will refuse to take action against them because they are brahmins or have powerful friends, relatives .

However in the world market, these arrogant mediocre frauds will find it difficult to get repeat customers, as the buyers can choose to purchase from some other country, where they get a better deal and people are more honest. people who are chronic cheaters and liars like brahmins nayanshree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, obc call girl sunaina will eventually show their true colors and few people will like to do business with these mediocre lazy frauds in the long term,

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