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Anyoption review

Binary option, digital option or fixed return option is an option where the return is fixed at the beginning of the contract. These are financial products which are marketed as alternatives to investing in shares and derivatives. Anyoption claims to be one of the largest websites offering trading in binary options and covers over 200 different markets. The underlying securities for trading in binary options may be a commodity , stock index , stock price or currency pair. Expiry levels for different markets are provided by Reuters.
Anyoption offers fixed returns of 65-71% payout when the option expires in the money (appreciates in value) and a fixed 15% payout if the option expires out of the money (reduces in value). The option cannot be sold before it expires in value. There are 2 types of options – call option and put option. In a call option, the investor gets a profit if the asset increases its value at the end of the contract. In a put option, the investor gains if the underlying asset decreases in value at the end of the contract. In both cases, if the value of the underlying asset is same at the close is the same as the value of the asset at the opening, the entire investment amount is returned to investor. The profit made by an investor is specifically defined for the market where the underlying asset is being traded.
The levels in the trading boxes are the the value of the underlying asset at any point of times. These levels can be traded only when the particular market is open. When the market is closed, the level of the assets will be visible, but no trades can be made. The working hours for the particular market are displayed on the website. The expiry is the time and date when a particular option expires. Colours are used to indicate the level of the option relative to its level the previous trading day. If the asset is trading at a profit, green color is used, and if it is making a loss, it will be denoted in red colour. The expiry level is the level of the underlying asset at the time of expiry of underlying asset as determined by Reuters.
Any investor can open an account at Anyoption for free. The account can be funded by making payment using credit card, debit card , bank transfer. The currency has to be selected at the time of registration, and can be either US dollars, Euros or Pound sterling. The investor can withdraw the profits made from trading to his or her bank account for free once a month. An additional fee has to be paid if withdrawals are to be made more than once a month.
A detailed transaction history with a list of all the deposits, withdrawals, investments, profits and losses made by the investor are visible on the website. The profits made from trading at Anyoption are to be taxed according to the laws of the land where the investor resides. No software has to be downloaded or installed on the computer for trading at Anyoption, all trades are done though the online interface at Anyoption. The websites uses SSL encryption by Thawte to ensure that investors information remains secure and is not misused. Only investors above the age of eighteen years are allowed to trade at Anyoption .