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Why Dividend Invest?

Dividend investing is not a complicated strategy which involves getting into stocks that pay out dividends then hanging onto it forever. By doing this simple strategy an investor can make some passive income off of their investments each month.

Here are 3 advantages of doing this strategy. (more…)

Pick Good Penny Stocks and Realize Huge Investment Profits

Should you were begin with smaller investment in nowadays current market, it will be advisable to begin with some genuine penny stocks that are obtainable. Prior to we get started with what penny stock to pick, lets discuss as to the what these stocks are.

From the United states, any share that may be traded at 5 dollars or less, or are traded over the counter, or via pink sheets are considered to fall in this group. (more…)

Some Benefits of 401ks

401ks can be extremely powerful ways to save up for retirement. A 401k allows employees to save up money before it can be taxed and then to invest it into a retirement plan where it can grow until you eventually take it out for retirement. There are a ton of reasons why this can be a great idea. (more…)

Creating Passive Income

Passive income is the holy grain of financial success. This is income that comes to people whether they are working to get it or not. Now that you understand what it is, how do you get it? (more…)

Things to Look at When Investing into Stocks

The stock market can be a fantastic place to grow your money. Stocks can slowly make investors rich because they tend to go up slowly but surely over the long term. Investing into strong stocks can help investors get the most bang for their investment dollars. (more…)

When Dividend Investing Can Be a Bad Idea

Dividend investing is the proccess of buying dividend paying stocks and then hanging onto them over the long term. The idea behind this strategy is to hold onto these investments and benefit from the cash flow that they pay you.

This strategy can work pretty well if the stock that it is backed by is actually worth investing into. (more…)

Could there be Another Great Depression in Our Lifetime?

While the stock market seems to be turning around there are still plenty of people who believe that we will see another great depression. A lot of investors seem to want to believe that the market will crash once again.

So, could it happen? (more…)

The King: Venture Capitalist firm KPCB and John Doeer are the first to invest in renewable energy!

Bloom Energy-Kept a Secret till now!

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) is a venture capital firm located in Silicon Valley,with headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

The company has been a traditional investor in more than 300 IT (information technology) and biotech firms,over the past thirty five years, including:Flextronics, Genentech, Google, Intuit, Lotus Development, LSI Logic, Macromedia, Netscape,, America Online, Brio Technology, Compaq, Electronic Arts.

Noticeably, KPCB launched KPCB XIII a $700 Million green tech fund for early stage green companies and the $500 Million Green Growth Fund for green tech companies in their growth phases. (more…)

What to Look for When Investing into Stocks

Investing into stocks over the long term can be a powerful way of growing your wealth. But how do you find the best shares of stocks to invest in which is likely to make them money? Here is a list of a few things to look at when stock picking. (more…)

How To Invest in a Bears Market

If you examine the causes of the great depression of the 30s the disaster steamed from from overinflated prices and panic selling. This lead to a loss of money and eventually to a crumbling economy. Life During the Great Depression was affected in a terrible way because of this. (more…)