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Selling Covered Calls

One strategy that can help you pull out money from the stock market on a consistent basis is called writing covered call. This can be a pretty powerful strategy.

In case you are woundering what this strategy is exactly I’ll explain? (more…)

Two Problems With Dividend Investing, and What to do About Them

Investors can create a passive income for themselves by buying dividend paying stocks. It can be a nice way to get some passive income, but there are also a few big disadvantages of investing purely for dividends.

The first major problem is that the stock may not be a good investment. (more…)

Buying Commodities For An Investment

Commodities can make a great investment. This allows an investor to make money as the price of commodities goes up over time.

However what is a commodity? (more…)

The Advantage of Rolling Covered Calls

Covered call writing is a great way to get some passive income off of a security in your account. The strategy can be a lot more powerful then simply buying and holding stocks.

But say you have already sold a call and the expiration date on it is coming up, what are your options? (more…)

Why Stocks Move Like They Do

Nearly everyone invest in the stock market in one way or another. Whether they are investing into it directly or through an investment plan such as a 401k. When a company goes public it can sell shares of itself to investors on the open market. (more…)

Reasons To Invest In Dividend Stocks

Investing into dividend stocks can be a profitable adventure and can really be a worthwhile experience. That is of course if done correctly. Below are 3 reasons why dividend investing can work out great. (more…)

Income From Stocks

Did you know that there are ways to pull out a consistent cash flow by investing into the stock market? Getting a cash flow off of an investment that you own is always a nice thing and can help to make it feel like it is actually an investment.

So, how are you able to get money from your stock? (more…)

Different Long Term Strategies for The Stock Market

Everyone preaches diversify your holdings and buy and hold. There are some interesting strategies out there that can be used to increase an investors buy and hold profits. Here are just a few interesting strategies that have a huge profit potential. (more…)

Reasons People Invest

Investing in stocks is normally considered a financially wise decision. But why is this? Why is it considered to be a good thing to put your money into something that can be as volatile as the stock market? (more…)

What is Drip Investing?

Buying high dividend paying stocks can definately be an effective way to make some passive income. However there is a way which an investor can get more from their dividends.

This method is called drip investing and actually lets an investor put the money that they receive from the dividends back into the stock. (more…)