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Value Investing vs Dividend Investing

Income investing and Value investing are two methods of making money from stocks. One way attempts to buy undervalued stocks sure to take off. The other method attempts to get into stocks that are paying out a monthly income to their stock holders. (more…)

Benefits Of The Eatk 401k Withdrawal Penalty

The early 401k withdrawal penalty is seen as a very bad thing. It does stink not to be able to take out your money early. But it can really help people keep their money in their account. (more…)

Evading Late Payments and Other Processes to Fix Your Credit.

A subpar credit record is a black symbol in your financial history track record. Often due to relevant losses or due to monetary crisis, your credit record may be seriously exaggerated. Numerous individuals face similar troubles with a bad credit record. (more…)

When to use Consumer Credit Repair Services to Fix Your Credit Score

Life is quite erratic, which makes every possibility unstable. The recent recession market has ravished down every economical structure and business analysis. The entire world has faced grief from this downfall and is still succumbing to the economical predicament. (more…)

Taking Money From A 401k Early Without The Penalty

If you are under the age of 59 ½ and want to take out money from your 401k then you are going to get hit with something called an early 401k withdrawal penalty. This penalty takes away 10% of any money you withdraw. And because this money is considered an income you would also have to pay taxes. (more…)

CD Rates Remain Unchanged at US Bank

U.S. Bank, the new owner of San Diego National Bank, has vowed to preserve the CD rates that customers of San Diego National Bank locked in with. This move is likely to be very popular with San Diego National Bank customers and greatly increases the likiehood of maintaining business with US Bank. (more…)

How Profitable is Dividend Investing?

Everybody wants to know how much can you make from dividend paying stocks. It depends, if the stock is an overall good investment then the amount you can make off of dividend stocks is greatly increased.

Of course investing in strong companies who’s stock is undervalued is a much more important aspect of long term investing, however even buying great companies means you are speculating. (more…)

Ways To Retire Early

No one wants to retire after they are too old to enjoy life any more. A lot of people max out their 401ks in hopes of being able to quit their jobs in the near future.

Investing into traditional retirement plans can be good if you do not mind working for 40 or 50 years. (more…)

Buying Dividend Stocks To Retire

Dividend stocks allow investors to create an income for themselves without having to work for it. In fact there are some people who actually live off of the dividends.

So what are these stocks and how do they work? (more…)

Saving Up For Retirement

There are a lot of options of saving up some money in order to help you retire. Of course the most popular way of doing this is through a 401k plan or a similar retirement vehicle.

So, what is a 401k? (more…)