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Ways Of Investing in Stocks

Buy and hold can be a powerful strategy over the long term. There are many other ways to buy and hold. Here is a list of some strategies of investing in the long term. (more…)

Why Avoid Taking Early 401k Withdraws

There might be a time when you want or need to get money out from a 401k prematurely. But remember that if you do you are only hurting your future. If you are in one of those situations where you need to take money out early you can always try to take out as little as possible to avoid the terrible side effects. (more…)

Why Invest in 401ks

A 401k plan can help an employee save up some money for their retirement. Millions of American have been able to use this strategy in order to save and grow their money for when they retire.

So, what is a 401k? (more…)

Investing in Stable Dividend Stocks

One popular way of investing into the stock market is by simply buying dividend stocks. One strategy people use to invest into dividends is to buy already well establish companies that are paying out a dividend.

There are a lot of investors who will go out and buy MSFT just because it is a great dividend paying stock which will almost certaintly be around for many decades to come. (more…)

IRA Vs 401K

401ks and IRAs are two different retirement plans you may choose from. Each one of these two plans has their advantages and disadvantages. Which one of these two retirement plans is the best way to go? (more…)

Advantages of Long Term Investing

Long term investing can be a nice strategy of pulling money out of the stock market because it is easier to find great long term stocks and simply buy them then it is to attempt to catch every single up and down move. In fact here are a few reasons why long term investing can work so well.

1. (more…)

Advantages of Covered Calls

One very profitable strategy which all investors can do is called writing covered calls. When you sell a covered call you are giving someone else the right to buy a stock from you at a given strike price by a certain date. The major disadvantage of selling calls is that you do risk being forced to sell your stock in the future. (more…)

Methods for Repairing Your Credit History and Becoming a Proper Credit Consumer

Are we disheartened because of monetary trouble? Are we besieged with dues? There is no requirement to be anxious anymore as there are credit repair services to aid us out of this hard time. (more…)

Selling Puts on Dividend Paying Stocks

Income investing involves buying dividend stocks which are consistantly paying off a nice monthly cash flow. But why stop there? By selling puts you can make money before you enter the security. (more…)

4 Methods of Making Money From Your Stock

There is a long list of different ways you can make some money in the stock market. Appreciation can be extremely powerful, however it is not the only thing to look for. So, how can you make money from a stock that you own? (more…)