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Making money in the stock market

The stock market is rarely based on fundamentals, there is a lot of emphasis on hype. When the stock prices are high, many investors invest their hard earned money in the shares of companies hoping to make quick money. But the real money is made by those who enter the market early and exit when the markets are at their peak.

A low risk strategy to make money in the stock market is by taking a contrarian approach. Bad financial news often causes panic as a result of which share prices fall rapidly. There are some companies which are well run and will continue to make a profit even in an economic recession. By investing in the shares of such companies when the share prices are low, the investor can continue to make a profit.

Stock investing strategies

Stock investing strategies ensure that the investor does not loose money in both the bull market and bear market.

It includes the following:

* strategies for protecting principal in down markets
* strategies for making money in down markets
* understanding shifts in the types of market environments
* understanding the dynamics of price change in all market conditions
* recognizing market and stock patterns suggesting when to buy/sell

Investing in stocks

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